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Marlene Passell

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Marlene Passell is director of the Nonprofit Chamber of Palm Beach County whose membership is comprised of the CEOs and executive directors of nonprofits in our community. She is also president of Media & Communications Management Services and a former reporter and editor at the Palm Beach Post where she worked for 15 years. She served as the public information director of the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County for 23 years before opening her own communications company.

In both her previous positions with The Post and Children’s Services Council, Marlene worked with local nonprofits to educate the public regarding their value and service to the community. The highlight of her career at Children’s Services Council was being selected by FEMA to provide communications in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. She worked there for three weeks, arriving just 10 days after the devastating storm, learning firsthand the value of nonprofit service.

She now provides communication management for a variety of nonprofits, as well as private businesses to help them communicate their mission to the public, managing media relations, social media, websites and publications for a variety of organizations.

Marlene holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Michigan State University. She resides in Boynton Beach and is the mother of two children.