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With Your ad will be seen, by our site visitors and nonprofit membership alike, on desktop and mobile devices everywhere! 

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We seek advertisers wanted to get their message in front of hundreds or visitors to our site while primarily focusing on the attention of our membership.  If your business has a product or service that is suited for the target audience of the nonprofit sector, we want to hear from you. 

Disclaimer: While all ad content and artwork must be approved by the Nonprofit Chamber, we reserve the right to reject any advertiser/advertisement without explanation.  Once your ad is approved, payment will be required before any ad is placed into display on the site.

Pricing Options

Web and Mobile

Ad spaces are sold in 3 month commitments and are renewable monthly.  This means you will be charged for a 3 month ad placement in advance, but are allowed to change out your artwork each month with a new message, with pre-approval.  We recommend having the ads lined up for advanced placement.  We do not accept requests for specified placement dates – ALL ads are changed out at the beginning of each month.

We offer ads on our Home page (premium), Membership, Corporate Sponsor, In The News, Resources and Job Openings pages.  The spaces are limited to display no more than 4 ads per page (1 per industry), however you may elect to advertise on multiple pages at a discounted rate.

Ad rates start at $108 for a 3 month space (that’s only $36/mo) on any of the available internal pages of the site. 

The Home page has a premium charge of $72 in addition to the rate above.  Pricing is based on artwork being provided as outlined below.

Want your ad on more than one page on our site? Great… we offer a 10% total invoice discount when scheduled at the same time.

The rates mentioned here are subject to change, so be sure and schedule your ad placements today!

Email Newsletter

Must be an existing advertiser on the site to quality, and for only $18 additional your product or service promotional message will be included within our emailed newsletter to our members.  This message goes directly to the email box and in front of the decision makers of the top nonprofit agencies in Palm Beach County.

How To Provide Your Ad

One ad, two sizes… the 300 x 250 is a full display ad on desktops, laptops, and most tablets. The 300 x 100 is for our mobile viewers.  Be sure to also provide us with the forwarding link for your ad clicks to be directed toward.

Your ad may be static or animated, but no artwork should exceed 850 kb.  Artwork must be provided to pixel dimensions as shown for BOTH sizes, as RGB in JPG, PNG or GIF format.  If your artwork is not provided properly it will delay its approval.  Have artwork questions? Please email

Do you need artwork assistance?  We have a deal worked out with our graphics designer IM Graphics, who will create your ad for the following rates*:
$54 for a static JPG ad
$108 for an animated GIF ad
*restricted to the above artwork limitations mentioned above.

Please email with your request to

Disclosures: The Nonprofit Chamber is not responsible for ad tracking.  Advertising with The Nonprofit Chamber does not guarantee business from site visitors or its membership.  Advertising on The Nonprofit Chamber website does not constitute an endorsement by The Nonprofit Chamber or its members.