Help the Helpers Initiative


Thank you to the following partners for supporting this initiative:

For years, and especially now that the pandemic has forced nonprofits to do even more with less, nonprofit organizations’ executive directors have been agonizing over ways to support the selflessness and dedication of their staff members, many of whom face their own COVID-19 challenges. Burnout was already a real issue among front-line and supervisory staff working in health and human services nonprofits before the pandemic. 

Executive directors brought to the attention of United Way of Palm Beach County leadership concerns about the emotional wellness of your staffs and your wish to be able to acknowledge and reward the continued commitment to their clients during the current pandemic and beyond. They listened and, in an unprecedented move, created the Help the Helpers Initiative.

Thanks to a generous grant from United Way of Palm Beach County, along with additional funding partners The Jim Moran Foundation, The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation, Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties, Bank of America, and Allegany Franciscan Ministries, the Nonprofit Chamber of Palm Beach County is offering eligible nonprofit organizations an opportunity to apply for the Help the Helpers Initiative Grant.


The purpose of this initiative is to recognize and support the well-being of nonprofit staffs for their continued dedication to the under-served members of our community during this COVID-19 pandemic. The grant rewards your staff members for going above and beyond during the pandemic as essential workers. 

The funds may be used for one of the following: 

  1. Training opportunities focused on self-care, mindfulness, stress reduction, etc. (to be determined/organized by agency CEO/ED)
  2. Adoption of supports typically provided by an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  3. Direct monetary contribution to each staff member (inclusive of full- and part-time)
  4. Gift card to each staff member (inclusive of full- and part-time)

If you wish to consider using the funds for another purpose, you must provide a detailed description that will be reviewed by the Nonprofit Chamber Board of Directors. Only if approval has been given in writing by the Nonprofit Chamber, may funds be used for another purpose than outlined above.

Funds may not be used for salaries or direct/indirect agency/program expenses. 

Funds must support current staff members in Palm Beach County only, and not seasonal staff.

 The hope is that this grant will be a first step for executive directors and boards of directors to institute an ongoing employee wellness plan within their organizational culture.


  • All current Nonprofit Chamber member organizations
  • All current grantees of the following funders:
    • United Way of Palm Beach County
    • The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation
    • Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County
    • Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties
    • Allegany Franciscan Ministries
  • Only current permanent full- and part-time employees working in Palm Beach County.


Awarded applicants will receive funding based upon the number of current, permanent full- and part-time employees working in Palm Beach County. Number of full- and part-time employees should be calculated based on currently filled positions as of the agency’s first May, 2021 payroll as follows: 

  • Full-time employment is 30 hours or more 
  • Part-time employment is 29 hours or less.
  • Each CEO/ED can decide whether to include themselves in the calculation.

Do not include seasonal or temporary employees in calculations.

Applications will be reviewed by the Nonprofit Chamber Board of Directors. Organizations will be notified by the Nonprofit Chamber via email regarding their application’s final determination (award amount and how the funds may be used). 

Grant payments will be made to organizations in one lump sum after the organization has been notified of their award. Payment will be mailed.

Application Submission

All applicants must complete an application and submit it no later than 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Applications submitted by any other means including email, fax, mail or hand-delivery will not be accepted.

Report Requirements

  • Agency ED/CEO will provide a brief survey (see application) to staff prior to completing the application to learn their wellness-related concerns. 
  • Pay any taxes or fees associated with providing monetary contributions or gift cards following IRS guidelines. 
  • Spend the grant within 60 days of award notification.
  • Submit a Grant Cover Page and Summary, along with a Financial Report within 30 days of grant expenditure.

Selection and distribution of staff training, supports, gifts, etc. will be determined and facilitated by agency CEO/ED and not the Chamber.


If you have any questions regarding this initiative or the application, please contact: Marlene Passell, Nonprofit Chamber Manager, at

Subject line of the email should read: Help The Helpers Initiative – Name of Organization

Questions and answers will be provided in a FAQ at 

Important Dates

May 25: Zoom announcement of Help The Helpers Initiative.

May 25: Link emailed to all qualified agencies to complete brief staffing survey.

June 2: Staffing survey completion deadline 5 p.m.

June 9: Emails sent to all eligible agencies with link to application for funding.

June 23: Funding applications due at 5 p.m.

June 30: Letters of award and checks will be sent to agencies.
September 1: Deadline for spending funds.

October 1: Deadline for submitting grant report.